Monday, June 9, 2014

Song of the Day #43 - mum - Will the Summer Make Good for All Our Sins?

Well... will it?

2004 is the year mum goes from being like, such an amazing band, everything they put out is on constant rotation and is sacred to me, best music ever to like... eh I dunno another band with this sort of shtick. It's so bizarre - they made a bunch of the elements of the sound even weirder - they mixed up the instrumentation, the vocals got all twisted, the lyrics got stranger... and yet now they feel totally generic to me. Well, whatever. This song, to me, is the cutoff point, basically. The vocals are getting that weird twist to them, but it isn't super strong yet, and some of the lines are still sung "straight". The instrumentation is moving towards the "showing off our diversity in scoring" thing with the sorta indulgent accordion but it isn't quite there yet. And okay this is the big one: the lyrical content has shifted from something like... an impossible miracle type perspective to a sort of compromised perspective. Ummmm I really don't feel like trying to explain all this stuff atm. But anyways this is still an awesome song, I still really like it. I really really like the title, it's in my top 10 mum song titles, which is a really contested field.

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