Friday, June 27, 2014

Song of the Day #55 - Wiz Khalifa - KK ft. Project Pat and Juicy J

My white house higher than Willie Nelson

Given this lineup, I don't think anyone would ever expect this song to be about anything besides weed. This is sorta a new take on it, though... sorta. Like, the lyrical content is basically the exact same as a million other songs about weed, but the actual concept here is that KK - Khalifa Kush - is Wiz's own trademark strand, which he calls "the best weed in the world", and apparently will run you 0.5mil/100lbs. Hmmm. With the advent of legalization in some States, are we going to be entering the world of celebrity endorsements? Will this end up being a product you can actually buy? Bizarre. Aside from all that, this song is pretty sweet. The beat is nice and smooth and cloudy, I love hooks where they just say one thing over and over, Juicy J is on his A-game, Project Pat says all the silly stuff I expect from him, Wiz is doing whatever, sure, sure.

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