Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Song of the Day #102 - Shlohmo - Emerge from Smoke


Ah yes, one of music's true geniuses, skirting just on the border of the genre of hip hop, always providing not just new ideas or new feelings but new SOUNDS, coming forward in a season of extreme hype, HELL YEAH IT'S SHLOHMO SEASON.

Okay though actually I'm not gonna listen to the new Death Grips single, I want to go into the new album knowing as little as I can.

Besides, I have this, which, although not on the tier of "Later", has that sort of beautiful wonky energy that... I dunno, I don't think I can describe it very well. I'll do my best. Okay so there's the first "line", 8 notes, and the last two sound sort of "raw" in a way that I can't describe. And then 7 seconds in, there's another "line", that is just two patterns of three notes alternating. And there's also a tape hiss sort of sound and a metallic "squeal" sound. And then at 25 seconds, a whole other "system" comes in... ugh like... there's this cumulative effect happening, where nothing stops, but some new noises "negate" old noises, so it never feels like it's getting more complicated. At 1:10, when the three-note rhythm, the second "line", starts going higher than it did before, and starts moving up and down the scale way more... it's like, oh my god. The feeling of an element that was once in focus, and then retreats into the background, so you don't notice it, and then alongside the "climax" of a newly introduced element, it re-emerges with some unprecedented development, WOW, why is that so cool? It's sooooo good.

Okay and then at 2:45, that sound... nothing needs to be said. Actually I can't say anything because whenever I get to that part, my mind goes pretty much blank. The science of wonkiness will remain in mystery.

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