Monday, February 16, 2015

Song of the Day #123 - Sufjan Stevens - No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross


Fuck whatever y'all been hearing ("Wolves" on repeat, but that can't be sotd until I get a CDQ). But yo whatever. "There's blood on that blade/Fuck me, I'm falling apart". BOOM. You wanna see Sufjan spill his guts about intimate family issues? Do you want to see him incorporate that into a mystical narrative of cosmic justice and validation? Do you want to see him, at the same time, acknowledge the dishonesty of such narrativizing, move past these incorrect and damaging thought structures, and begin to live life truthfully and fully? And of course this will be a universal message, with loads of religious and philosophical inquiry...  How about acoustic guitar and singing, how do you feel about that? Did you find that the "secret heart" of his previous albums, the moments where everything besides these was stripped back... did you find them almost unbearably beautiful and sincere and the prospect of a whole album entirely in that mode both frightening and wonderful? Are you ready? We're gonna have to face this big boss head on. There's no shade.

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