Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Song of the Day #132 - Shlohmo - Beams

the boy who cried wolves


Song of the day is really late today because I saw something that said the "Wolves" CDQ was coming out and GUESS WHAT, it didn't. So NOW, I'm stuck with just this new single from the new LP from one of my favorite active electronic artists. Boo.

Like seriously, how crazy is 2015 that this is my backup song? This is a beautiful song, intense and happy but full of that crazy wonky energy. The video is fantastic too, a perfect depiction of this sort of frantic degeneracy, lots of small vices and slices of life, feels very real, nothing glorified or exaggerated, private memories and images that you can only glimpse. Feels like it'll get pulled off Youtube lol. I definitely saw a dick and I think some boobs. This has all sorts of the stuff I love Shlohmo for, from that initial gorgeous melody on the chimes, to those warm BoC-style chords in the low end, to the frantic breaky drums near the end. There's an aggressiveness here that feels like him experimenting, like, it isn't "experimental" aggressiveness, but it feels like a new tool working into his repertoire. There's still a very "post-rocky" sense to the structuring and the climaxes and stuff, which more than works for me. There's so many wonderful contrasts at play here... the "dirty" and "clean" sounds, the "aggressive" and "laid back" sounds, the "good" and "bad" vibes...

OH AND OH MY GOD: http://www.bol.com/nl/p/the-powers-that-b/9200000039047802/#product_tracklists

IT'S REAL! I'm not listening to the samples because spoilers, but IT'S REAL, OH MY GOD




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