Monday, March 9, 2015

Song of the Day #131 - mum - Please Sing My Spring Reverb

It's the first nice day of the year today!!!!

!!!!! This morning I went to my existentialism class, we had a test. The bonus question was about awareness of death or something, metaphors for it or whatever, and I suggested as a "more hopeful" metaphor that you can endure the winter with or without the knowledge that spring will come. This is part of my own "philosophy" or whatever, where you acknowledge that being cold sucks, winter sucks, and everyone who says otherwise is deceiving themselves. But then you focus on the fact that spring will come, inevitably, without your input, 100% guaranteed. You think about how nice it will be on that first warm day, when you can walk around comfortably, when you can linger where you want, where the world becomes inhabitable again... I didn't explain this all on my test, obviously.

Anyways, you realize that the niceness of that first nice day is entirely based on how much you hate the current coldness. So every time you're suffering through or even dreading whatever walk you need to take, you're actually just charging the effect of the nice day! Realizing that alone is enough to brighten your mood a little, but the payoff is even better - this actually works! Pinning everything to that first nice day is absolutely fine! To rework another mum title, the spring will make good for all your suffering!

Aha yes! And it's today! It happened today! I finished my test, went home, watched some AC Hundo (AC Hundo is back!!!), and when I went to check the mail, it was... SO NICE! Like... 6 C, not really that super warm, but sunny and breezy and really just beautiful. I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I felt a little mad, like... I could have endured longer! This could have been even better! But it was fine, it was more than fine. I came up with every excuse I could think of to go to various nearby stores and walked between them and it was wonderful. The nightmare is over! 2015 has truly begun!

And to celebrate that, here's a nice spring song. Okay that's a bit of an understatement maybe. This is... definitely my favorite song that I've ever featured on Song of the Day. Probably in my top 20 songs of all time. The EP, Please Smile My Nose Bleed, has six fantastic remixes but none of them top the original for me. My favorite is probably the BBC One World performance, the way it gets so noisy so fast. But probably if someone recorded this melody with a plunger and a trashcan I would listen to it ~100 times.

There's just so much stuff I like here! The melody in the beginning is so wonderful! mum does this thing where they really bring out a sense of the performative in their melodies, like, doesn't the beginning sound just like a few friends outside somewhere, strumming and beating away at whatever's available? I mean, not in the actual sound of it, but doesn't it have that sort of easygoing, exploratory feeling?

Okay but that's also totally different than the aesthetic of the piece, which is wonderful and insane and unique and almost completely indescribable but here we go. It's sort of like... if you were in a completely glass space ship that was being flung around the earth at like 300 km/h about 50m up, and you were flying over really beautiful lush forests, and you're just watching the horizon. Like, there's this intense sort of rumbling "overload" quality to it, and it almost feels like you have to eke out your own meaning and sereneness in it. It's like, too beautiful, and you feel like you have to ground yourself when listening to it, just to make something coherent out of it.

Oh man and it's an absolute banger too, right? Like this song gets me completely turnt up and ready to wild tf out and I'm not even sure why. This may be an atypical reaction. It's super fun to bang your desk along to whatever patterns you feel like, it seems like it "accommodates" that sort of thing well. It makes me want to rap or something too. I don't know, something about the rhythms.

This is basically a perfect song and the weather outside is basically perfect and I don't know how I could get much happier so we'll leave this off here.

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