Sunday, March 8, 2015

Song of the Day #130 - Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees

Dreams of living life like rappers do...

This Youtube link was shifted down to avoid copyright strikes... Uhh, you should know this album already, c'mon. Kendrick's album is coming soon! It could leak any day now! And even if it doesn't, the official release is only a little over two weeks away! I'm getting pretty hyped up... I wasn't super into GKMC when it first came out, I was an idiot about it. Something about the pitchfork review made it seem... boring? I dunno. And then my friend showed me "Backseat Freestyle" and it just seemed like... weird? Like, the whole "Martin had a dream!", it just seemed like this weird combination of tryhard and awkward.

Well, obviously something changed, because now I'm f5ing what and /mu/ just because some troll is claiming he's uploading a leak. And I know it's not real, like, 99.9% chance it's not real, but I can't help it! It's exciting, it's exciting to buy into it a little, and it doesn't cost me anything. Every time I do, the excitement around the actual album coming out increases a bit. Plus it inspires me to go back and listen to the music that inspired such hype in the first place. Like "Money Trees". Oh my God, isn't this a fantastic song? I'm not sure how I didn't realize it the first time I heard it, or what changed to make my realize it on some subsequent listen. I think the smoothness of the beat just overwhelmed me at some point. I honestly feel like this is one of my favorite beats of all time - there's this awesome video about how it was made. Reversing the sample is like... one of the greatest insights in beat production I can think of.

I think via this song alone, I understood both what Pitchfork liked so much about it, and what all my friends liked so much about it, and then I realized how much I liked the album too. From feeling the significance of "The one in front of the gun lives forever", all the other interjections that I used to think were corny now had weight. His style of like, strict "structures" or gimmicks to verses - here being "ya bish" dropped in almost every line of the first verse - used to bug me, but now... I get it, I see the appeal! Hopefully sometime I'll be able to detail all the things I like about this song in the context of the album. Today I just recommend listening to it a few times, just to get yourself hyped again - Kendrick Season is starting!

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