Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Song of the Day #136 - Migos - Fight Night

Running it back again!


Okay so after two months I thought maybe I ought to make some sort of dramatic return to Song of the Day with like an absolute masterpiece or something but idk I wasn't feeling it, so here's a song I listened to like 20 times today and yesterday and probably tomorrow. This is a pretty old song but I revisited it a week or so ago when I decided to get all hyped up for the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. And I mean I don't regret getting hyped up or going out to watch it with my friends or anything like that but maaaaaaaan listening to this song is more exciting than anything that actually happened.

I think the factor that makes Migos a whole other beast from other acts that appear superficially similar, the key factor that I think people who don't "get" them are failing to "get" is encapsulated entirely within Takeoff's opening lines. There isn't even a second of intro before he starts rapping, and there's something just so hypnotically perfect about the cadence of it... the way Migos (or maybe their hosting DJs, idk) always pull out the best lines from the verses on the song and repeat them at the stop is so genius, it makes the song so addictive to know that you can hear your favorite part as soon as you restart it.

I keep trying to come up with ways to describe the flow they have on this song... It's a "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" sorta thing I think, an easy switch between smoothness and shoutiness. I dunno. Not too much to say, even though I've heard this so many times recently. I think that itself is the mark of some sort of quality? Well, whatever, I'm just getting warmed up again with this "blogging" thing that apparently I used to do???

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