Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Song of the Day #137 - Camillia ft. Nanahira - ベィスドロップ・フリークス


Okay so now we witness the birth of a new genre, of a whole new world unto music, where someone listened to a bunch of Skrillex-style brostep and other EDM that kids like or at least liked a few years ago, and thought "why isn't this denpa?" I mean, it was always pretty close to denpa, it always had the same sort of irreverence, the frontal attack on reasoning, the implacable rhythms that make you feel both compelled and unable to move, the sheer excess, the degeneracy...

But now: CUTE VOICES. Saying BASICALLY THE SAME THING. "BASSU DOROPPU!" "PUMP THIS PARTY!" "MAKE SOME NOOOOOOOOOISE!" Oh My God. It was right there this whole time!! Nanahira has one of the cutestest voices in the denpa game, and she's a great fit with these super high-energy sort of jagged flows. I think the ability for her to sing a verse "normally" but still in her voice and then switch to shouting for the "drops" and the "hai"s is pretty key, as is the way they sample and modulate her voice near the end. It creates a sense of normality, like, we become accustomed to the idea that this is actually how she sounds. This is the sort of infection key to denpa music - it has to restructure our very understanding and expectations of the world on the most mechanical of levels.

Like, the whole thing that makes denpa music so different than these other genres is that, at the end, you're gonna walk around saying "BASSU DOROPPU" somewhat absently, not because you think it's normal, or because you don't, but because you can't help it either way. The song has won, and it wasn't even close.

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