Sunday, July 26, 2015

Song of the Day #168 - Drake - Marvin's Room

I'm just saying you could do better...

Drake dropped a bunch of tracks recently but I'm not in a new, angry-at-Meek-Mill (??) Drake mode, I'm in an old, whiny, mopey Drake mode. It's for reasons that I have enumerated many times at length, mostly centered around "not enough free time because I'm procrastinating on the few things I actually have to do". Welcome to Complain of the Day #168.

My history with Drake is pretty complicated, lots of contrarian phases and phases where I thought Big Ghost was the funniest thing possible, and then phases where I used words like "emotional banger" a lot. Now I have faith that every new thing he does, I might cringe at for a bit, but will stick with me long enough that I start to love it. Drake is sort of puppyish in that regard, eventually you gotta come around, eventually it becomes cute.

And now his older stuff has big dog emotional impact on me. I've felt basically zero of the feelings in this song. I've never been in the club for too long. I've never thought that someone could do better, especially wrt me. Etc etc. But now when I get drunk these lyrics come to mind, y'know? That feeling, that underwater 40 slowness... I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. There's a lot to say about this song, it's kinda a masterpiece I think, but I really want to just drill down into this feeling. I don't know if the song inspired it or just soundtracks it. But it's cool because it contains it's own longing. Like right now I just want to wild tf out but I have too much school stuff. I want to experience the feeling I had when I would shout lyrics from this song. But the feeling of wanting that also feels like this. And when I did feel like that it still just felt like wanting something. I think that's what this song is about: abandonment begetting abandonment, wantonness begetting wantonness, a cycle of self-feeding in the club. Or something idk.

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