Monday, July 27, 2015

Song of the Day #169 - Keith Ape - IT G MA Remix (ft. A$AP Ferg, Dumbfounded, Father and Waka Flocka Flame)

She open her legs let it talk like Meowth

At least that's what I think he's saying.

Okay do you remember earlier this year when Keith Ape made "IT G MA" which was like OG Maco except with a bunch of vaporwave/seapunk/Yung Lean type a e s t h e t i c s and I couldn't understand any of it because Keith Ape is a Korean rapper, and that somehow made the whole thing make more sense, maybe. Keith Ape is bros with KOHH and MONY HORSE, who did the masterpiece iPhone 5 and has the greatest rap name ever, respectfully. But now on this remix it seems like he's actually swapped places with OG Maco cause these features list only make sense in Atlanta, and...

Wait, no, that's a lie. There is no singular intersection that can explain these features. Like if it was actually OG Maco, it'd make sense that he'd team up with Father, they have a lot of mutual friends. And Ferg and Waka are hella trappy too. But people don't usually go in both directions, right? Like he's aiming for the whole spectrum of things that could be called trap, wanting both extremes at once. Like I once explained Father as "Makonnen for people who think Makonnen is too normy" and Waka is the guy who has a hook that's just "Fuck the club up! Fuck the fucking club up!". Dumbfounded is maybe a sensible addition cause him and Keith are both Korean? But it makes absolutely no sense beyond that because since when has Dumbfounded ever been on anything near this major? Oh and the whole thing ends with dolphin noises. BUT GUESS WHAT, things don't have to make sense to be good, and EVERYONE goes WAY TF IN on this one. Hard to say who has the best verse, but not has hard as everyone's rapping. hahaha. Thank you reality for containing this. I didn't think you could do it, but you did. Congratulations, this actually happened.

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