Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Song of the Day #175 - Sibylle Baier - Colour Green

Dear friend I'm lonesome...


My iPod is broken again (;__;) so I've been listening to music on my phone again (which sucks), but it's kinda nice to revisit the albums I really liked last time I had to listen to music on my phone, to have that little slice again. This is one of them ofc. A lot of the appeal overlaps with another song I liked from the album that I wrote about last year.

I've been focused on this title track mostly... I think the album is a mix of tracks that seem sort of "loopy", like, that they have recurring elements and such, choruses especially, and ones that are "progressive", in that it's just one continuous thread of music. This is a sort of blend... there's a sort of continual renewal in the instrumentation that makes everything familiar as soon as it's added, but the lyrical content and overall direction have this engrossing sense of moving ever forward. It feels like it's always spilling into the next bar. It's very hypnotic.

It's also very hard to keep in mind. It's funny... I'd listen to it, and, in the sort of "glow" afterwards, I'd listen to the next song, "Driving", which is a very nice song too, and a lot more traditional in structure, and super catchy. So I'd move on with "Driving" stuck in my head, and "Colour Green" almost entirely forgotten, and I'd just want to listen to "Colour Green" even more. This happens to me pretty often lol. It's a pretty nice feeling. Just this pleasant sense of anticipation, but being aware that you cannot remember the key elements yourself, that you need to actually hear it again.

All I'd be able to remember is some of the lyrics and the general "story" of the song, which is that she makes a friend in the city one day, and then thinks of them later, and writes them. But I knew I couldn't remember the beauty of the letter itself, which is:

Dear friend I'm lonesome
Dear friend I've been well
How do you spell your name?
The city has changed me
I'm no longer the same


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