Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Song of the Day #176 - Young Thug - If You Didn't (ft. T.I. and Chanel West Coast)

Adversity builds character, character'll take you places money can't

I've been listening to this song pretty steadily since it leaked but I wanted to hold off doing it as "song of the day" because I hoped that a full version would eventually emerge... y'know, a version that doesn't cut off halfway through the hook. But that really doesn't seem like it'll be the case... maybe it's because it got leaked, now they don't want to bother? Or maybe it's because Chanel West Coast inexplicably says the n-word on the hook???

Either way, it's a shame we'll never get to know for sure. I mean it's probably just another few seconds missing to just complete the last repetition of the hook, given that T.I. and Thugger both did their verses, but hey wow what if it was something more??? Like some sort of crazy "Pull Up" style fusion dance final verse??? Like, this could have been a mainstream banger as huge as "About the Money", and I think they knew it - T.I. calls back to it on the hook, and Thugger goes way tf in on his "fast rap" mode. So why isn't this song playing on every radio station all the time? I dunno.

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