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Live Review - Young Thug - Slime Season

Thugga season approaching!

Fuck whatever y'all been hearing! (it was actually a cell phone recording of a new Kanye track so uhh hmm)... The release of new Young Thug music is pretty chaotic and sporadic, with lots of leaks and unofficial projects and collaborations and sheesh who knows what all. It's hard to keep track of what's official and what's a single and what's a mixtape and what's an album. And now I have this low level Thug anxiety where I can never fully be sure that I heard everything, and that I heard when I was supposed to hear it, and that I digested it with the right amount of hype, or whatever. But on the other hand who cares lmao.

This is a mixtape I think and it has a bunch of leaked tracks on it so I dunno maybe I'll recognize some stuff. It's all good regardless though. On /r/hiphopheads someone posted this cover which is pretty sick would feel even more excited about this project if that was the official art somehow but whatever. Nothing much matters when you're looking at an hour of Young Thug content, I hope you will enjoy it too. I'm eating delicious Ontario coronation grapes, I would recommend trying these if you get the chance.

Young Thug - Slime Season
Live Review

1. Take Kare
Yooo this already SO COOL, on some Drake shit I guess. Rich Gang tags, LONDON ON THE TRACK, hell yes. I love this little piano loop oh man... "I'm in her mouth just like Colgate", this is Thug. Apparently Lil Wayne is on this track too?? I thought they hated each other these days? I can't keep up with that. It's all about how he's got his girl taken care of, that's so nice awwww. Oh man this wooooooooooooo rhyme scheme lol. Oh man, just going brazy on this one. ok show me the weezy. Oh man rhyming they be hatin with participation this is tryhard Wayne, oh man this flow, nice tender message too, not even going out with his friends cause it's his time with her. Woah the beat breakdown, that was a cool little interjection. And the bass too, sheesh! Really solid start. S+

2. Quarterback
omg this lineup... Quavo, Offset, Peewee Longway. Was Thugger really a quarterback in high school? Idk man I guess it doesn't matter. This beat is so forceful, so trappy, so intimidating. Oh man those drums scattered around... I'm ready for Migos to go harder than the Beatles on this one. Hell yes this is the exact flow I wanted. "Green diamonds like a dill pickle" lmao. Offset now also going in, "Feeling myself but no masturbation", "I'm 22 rich but with no education", hell yeah wow. "Eating on caviar", I want that to be me. Oh man his flow here is hella nice, Malcolm in the Middle lel. Peewee is also capable of going hella in like this but here he's just sorta rocking this and I like that too. "Pull up in a fucking Bentley truck, Longway bitch!" lmao. Okay good stuff. S+

3. Rarri
Young Ralph has been on quite a few Thugger things now, he's always good. HOLY CRAP man this is a completely insane sorta flow. Screaming out Free Gucci hell yeah. Then he switches into the sung sorta style right at the end of lines, that's absurd. "I'ma make my money grow just like Pinocchio"... so is that like... a lie? Lol. Man his voice it's just 200% emotion, 2000% emotion, and then another 500% lean. "Every neighbour know a nigga serving crack", just the image of this sort of stuff, it's at that perfect level of reality. Ralph hell yeah man I love the sound of his voice, that croaky sort of flow. "I got old money like when I played Atari" hahahaha. Okay solid stuff. I think this is it for guest features too, from here it is wholly Thug territory. S+

4. Stunna
Oooh okay this beat seems pretty cool. Wait I think maybe this leaked it sounds pretty familiar. OKAY IT DOESN'T MATTER, "I'm a fuckin stunner/Ass big Hummer" lmao yes let's go. "Left pocket lettuce, right pocket reddish" I understand this I feel cool. Oh man he's going right in on this. His flow shifts as much as his focus as much as his pitch, "I got more money than Martin so I pour out my Remy" lmao that makes no sense for like three reasons but it doesn't matter you get the idea. Oh man this real solid on beat flow, and the way he just instantly switches it up to a rampaging sorta thing... "I got more money than you and you and you and you and you too", "I ain't even Cripping but I got a fucking clue too", sheeeeeeeeesh. *

5. Best Friend
This was released as a single a bit ago, with an amazing video. Everything on fleeeeeeek, I thought only lame white girls said that tbh lol. Oh man his flow on this one is pretty sick, and this awesome beat, this is just solid all over the place. And the way he comes out of the verse with the "that's my best friend, that's my best friend", just that rhythmic shift is so satisfying. "Let me tell you how I spent a couple hundreds today" is a great intro to a verse. Cutting back on lean holy moly is this actually Young Thug?? "No I can't get arrested cause I'm talking bout my necklace" hahaha. Man his ad-libs on this one are so good, just howling and then "go bestie", so cute. Yeah this is certified banger *

6. Power
NO ONE MAN should oh LONDON ON THE TRACK that's even better than King Crimson. I think this leaked too. Oh man the layering of his voice on this verse is really nice, just little things like that can make it feel so fresh and new. "Or else I'm killing em, and that's a fact", man the way this singsong flow works is uncanny. "She sucked like eight dicks" hahahaha huh. "Bitch I dig it, I eat ice cream with my chicken" that sounds pretty good but I think I might not understand. Real Scarface sorta feels. I'm super addicted to the layering, though, idk why, it's just sooo gooood. S+

7. Calling Your Name
woah what lamo this sorta sounds like trance music from south american combo videos. oh man the piano though, with that high pitched sample, this is a Lil B sorta beat. Oh man getting RAW on this one. Oh man the synth line in the beat is sick. "She's calling me Jeffery" aahhh so sentimental. This song has so many phases, so much progression, wow how did the projection on this one? Oh man and then going super hard on this classic flow of "Ima _____" etc. I can't get a handle on the verse/hook progression this one, it is too much of a journey... "When I hit the club the strippers smile like [something]", idk what, it doesn't matter, that's already a really nice message. Oh man talking to himself, he really is his best friend. "You a weiner! In a Beemer!" hahahahaha. Okay this one was like ridiculously good, so many of his good elements all coming together without feeling at all overwhelming. **

8. No Way
Oh hell yes this one leaked but it was like cell phone quality so I'm super happy to get it here. This piano driven beat is SO GOOD, I wish I could play piano ;___; I'm so lazy ;___; "Pop that pussy like a peasant" is... confusing, probably misheard. And this hook, the juxtaposition of the fast and slow "No way"s is super addictive. "I want to eat that pussy creamy like a dip" sounds uhhh "Plus I'm too drunky to drive" is hahaha. "I wear these big time glasses but I got bands like Ray Bans" haha. "My money coloured like a clown", I'm not even sure what this is referencing, Canadian money?? Hell yes?? Oh man and going in on the extended "no way"s is so nice, the whole kineticism of this song is intense, so addictive. "I got bitches popping up like we some yams", "And I get mostly green like a salad", nice. Ah yes. Another masterpiece. **

9. Mine
Ooh, holy shit, this intro. "I know they sick and tired of hearing about my jewelry but if it fall on the ground you might just slip and fall" hahahahaHAHA OH MAN. This is like... absurd... the escalation here... how... this is well beyond my comprehension. And then his regular register returns, going way tf in again, kush straight out the fields. "My car is rare like a mullet" ??? "Bitches call me Jeff, and the F stand for fucking" hahaha. This is classic Thugger in rare form. I'm so happy. **

10. Freaky
Hmmm interesting beat, I gotta look at the production credits again for this one. Oh man yeah this was a single, it also had a godlike video, I really wanted to be one of his random friends hanging out at the end lol. "I got my ice out the lake" is good because I have no idea what it signifies wrt his ice being jewelry. The whole "I apologize" section is fantastic. "I don't wanna tease it, I really want freaky" feels sincere and somehow endearing. "I'm never gonna call you, I'm always gonna ball you" is an amazing Bloods thing, genius. "Told babygirl I only want flute, throat us", I THINK that's what he says lol. Oh man the piano coming in??? This is getting into a new tier above top tier. "Get my ice out the freezer, it costs a lil Beemer" hahaha, that's a lot of jewelry. Okay nice. *

11. Be Me See Me
Oh shit GOING IN ALREADY. holy god what was that. Oh man and then immediately back with another verse, "I swear, I ride em like camels" hahah hmm. Oh man the way his voice is getting higher and higher, this is so crazy... This hook sounds like five different hooks that he read sequentially instead of repeating one. It is an amazing effect. "Wiping his nose, cleaning his nose, cleaning his bros", hmm. Ohh he's saying "Got me a cheque I went brazy", I thought he was saying "Chicken" and was really confused. *

12. Overdosin
Well OD was one of his best songs ever so I'm pretty hyped for this one. Haha this is like the exact opposite aesthetic of the other one. "I'm cooking some fish, she put on some lotion" oh okay. "4000 on shoestrings, you know I'm not tripping" hahaha. This good man, this minimal beat makes it so intense, it really has that overwhelming "overdose" sorta feel. Oh man ODB shoutout hell yeah. "Growing green, like a Chia pet" hahaha nice. This one is pretty crazy. I mean they all are to some extent. but sometimes it's like "how did he envision this at all???" S+

13. Again
GUWOP. OH MAN. TRAP HOUSE. GUCCI. WHAT. BUT YOU'RE IN JAIL... WAIT wait I did see this one before. I think before when I referred to the video for "Freaky" I was thinking the video of this one. Man it feels so good too hear Gucci on a Young Thug track. "I told the bitch to dye her hair red like Dennis Rodman" hahaha oh man, the hook on this one is so catchy, the injection of that "again!" is perfect~~~ "Stick to the street like I'm semen" is hmm. The Gucci sample near the start of the hook doubles the hype, so easy, works so well. "I became an important lil boy" is so endearing. Thank you Thugger. Thank you Gucci Mane. *

14. That's All
"You can call me ace in this place!" hell yeah!! "Go to church like Mase!" hahaha! Oh man I love the way he says "that's all", it's like "that sall"... uhh prolly not worth articulating that... wow this verse is intense. "I might beat it, I might eat it, like Mike n Ikes" hahahaha, pussy tempurpedic and call it a night. What a happy song! What a fun time he's having! "Grabbin on my dick thassawwlll" is more Houstony than anything on Rodeo tbh hahaha. "Bitch I am a Tiger no Wood" is hilarious but seems to imply he can't get an erection, lmao, thugger is all about those lines where you say "hahaha uh whatever". "Pussy wetter than the sink", man it's just the little lines like this. The way he switches up his pitch three times on the hook is super addictive, I love every one. *

15. Udiggwhatimsayin
idk what is up with this title all of a sudden but sure i probably do digg what he's saying. AND THIS OG MACO ASS BEAT hell yes here we go. Hoooooooooo damn I really feel this one. "I'm a boss, fuck that bitch out on the balcony", man, his emphasis on lines like this is nutty. "Don't think he quick he pulled out like a snail", idk if I understand that one. And then this awesome Thugger structure of like long hook that seamlessly connects to a verse, and then he seamlessly switches back into the hook later, it's so hype, no one pulls that off like him. Maaan this is like... I can't even speak on this, it's just so smooth, so consistent, it's sorta beyond lingual?? *

16. Draw Down
Ooooh, this is pretty intense... something slowly emerging. Man he's really obsessed with cheques lately it's great it's a great word for rapping, has really good consonance. This has the same sort of vocal effects as "No Way", and it's great but makes me really want to listen to that one again. "I like my bitch brown like a motherfucking boot", "Control that ho no voodoo", "Make a nigga go crazy coo-coo", hahahahaha wow. "You a freak yup you the skeet meat", "When these bitches play with a baby they go retarded" oh man whahhwhahahah what does any of this mean? "I'm a big dog, fuck the vet" is a classic Thug line. "I can go all day, like a fucking poet" ??? "My diamonds still moving when I'm not in motion" is like, essential. The way he comes out of these intense sections is so good, like coasting on sheer residual energy from what he's just unleashed. S+

17. Wood Would
This title seems out of character for Thugger, who usually treats all similar-sounding words as homophones and puns brilliantly accordingly. This stuttered beat is sick, really progressive sound. Really good ad-libs, SHEESH. "My fucking weed sound like a turd", WHAT?? I love when he sounds genuinely surprised by what he said before. This sort of delirious flow is so compelling... it feels like it could go in any direction at any time... so loose and off-kilter... Nice yeah. S+

18. Wanna Be Me
Oh man this beat, it's like happy hardcore SORTA lol. So high energy and nice, and this trappy drum work coming, oh man and these smooth angelic beats, hell yeah I want to be him rn, surrounded by all this energy in an eagerly awaiting studio... OH MAN THE VOCAL LAYERING, calling back to 2 Cups Stuffed, Jesus, so nice, thank you Thugger. "I'm a savage" oh of course. "She chase a nigga down like a rabbit", awww. "I'm a carrot, I'm a cah-rot", hahaha. I love when he does that, repeat a word and pronounce it differently. His use of the "aeyn" sorta sound like "paeyn" is so good here. Alright that's it, that was great. *

Another worthy addition into the heap of gold that is Thugger's discography

A lot of these got leaked at various levels of completion along the way, which is sort of a shame, and part of me wishes I had ignored them so as to maximize the effect of this, but at the same time I would have missed out on stuff like "If You Didn't", which probably will never see the light of day in any official form. Well, whatever. I'm just gonna hoard as many Young Thug tracks as possible, and listen to them over and over, and if there's some duplicates it doesn't matter, cause there's new stuff with every repetition.

Not really a whole lot to say. It's Young Thug doing Young Thug stuff. I miss his collaborations with Gucci and Quan but oh well. Looking forward to Hitunes!!

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