Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Song of the Day #203 - Young Thug - Sub Zero (ft. Quavo and MPA Wicced)

Okay my neck and my wrist sub-zero

Apparently Slime Season, a new Young Thug mixtape, is dropping TONIGHT, so you KNOW we're gonna be all over that. But man do we even need more Young Thug music, when there's still dozens of masterpieces like this that have yet to be fully understood by even leading Young Thug scholars (e.g. me)? Has he not already left us enough music for a hundred years?

Well let's take a look at this one, as exhaustively as we can, until I get bored or want to do something else:

"Easter pink my Sprite, I think I'm icy"
-Calling out the colour of your Sprite being a little reddish is a classic way of saying that you're drinking lean, but Thugger referring to it as "Easter pink" is both wonderfully evocative and so outside the standard rapper aesthetic... it makes it clear immediately that we're dealing with a rapper who does the same things as other rappers, but does them differently.

"I put a 8 inside my 1, I call it priceless"
-I have no idea what this means and that's OK, because part of the appeal of Young Thug is his elusiveness. If I could understand everything, it wouldn't really be real, right?

"Five hundred for my Js, shout outs to Fly Kix/These niggas think I work in there, only wear fly kicks"
-He bought a pair of #rare vintage Jordans at Atlanta shoe store Fly Kix for five hundred bucks. He spends so much time at that store that people think he works there, but nah, he just likes nice shoes. This funny anecdote feels pretty real... and vaguely embarrassing? Like they didn't recognize him, but he bums around there so much, that these scrubs assumed he worked there? But, then again, the fact that he spends so much time there is indicative of a taste and wealth that he wants to brag about, so it's complimentary too. But the anecdote is vague and real enough that you have to tease out this meaning yourself. So good.

"They call me 'alphabets', I keep the K around"
-I'm pretty sure this refers to an AK but for a long time I thought he meant Ketamine, which seems kinda out of character for the whole lifestyle he portrays, so it really confused me, which ropes me into thinking about it a lot more, so that's part of the appeal too. But regardless this line is hilarious because apparently his owning something that he refers to with one letter causes people to call him "alphabets", which seems entirely not true, so Thugger just sorta made it up as a way to indicate that he's strapped with the AK... BUT, more importantly, it's just cause this line sounds awesome to say... "alphabets" contrasting so nicely with the triple hard K sound (call, keep, K), the last one emphasizing the whole pattern via being the letter itself. Aaaa, genius!

"Wanna know something bout Young Thug?/Ask your girl, she stay around"
-Ohhhhhh man this is one of my favorite Young Thug lines EVER. He sets it up as if it's "Wanna know something bout Young Thug?/[Thing about Young Thug]", which is a pretty common pattern, but then FLIPS it on you, straight up DUMPS it on you, forming a tight rhyme back to two lines ago, making it even more like he "set it up" on you... Like by buying in to wanting to know something bout Young Thug, by anticipating that, not only does he a) insult the faithfulness of your girl and b) brag about his prowess with attracting women but also c) makes it clear that he was tricking you by revealing the premeditated rhyme and d) saying that you are so unworthy of explaining things to that you ought to just ask your girl, who is just hanging around him so much, to explain something, he assumes. Do you see? The four layer deep level of disrespect? It's so godly oh man you got WRECKED, listener.

I don't think we'll be able to top that so let's skip the rest. Quavo puts in work as always, while MPA Wicced is just OK (he lacks the supernatural athleticism of the other verses). I just wanna point out that Quavo shouting "I'm sipping on lean and they killing my kidneys" is hilarious and gets funnier the more you think about it, oh, and that Young Thug's bridge out of Quavo's verse is just the absolute most virtuoso shit ever and if you can't see that I don't even know why you're reading this blog tbh lol. Just listen to the way he says "pretending", it's like, a liter of spit, sheeesh!

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