Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Song of the Day #202 - Crayon Pop - FM

Idol appeal at maximum!!!


Someday maybe I will be a serious writer or something, maybe I will be famous, probably not, I dunno, I'll try my best, but if that day comes, please remember this, my most scandalous admission, the one that could crumble my entire image, my readership, my self-respect... I'll beat the paparazzi to the punch by admitting it now: when I am by myself I often sing this song to myself in broken pseudo-Korean and try to imitate the dance moves in this video. Ah! Whew! Can you believe it? Are you stunned? Will you never trust my opinions on moe anime or Young Thug anymore? Or, did you watch the video, and now think "this is a totally reasonable and understandable thing to do, those are some pretty sick moves and catchy melodies, I will also give this behavior a try"?? If you aren't in this camp I recommend watching the video a few more times.

I talked a lot about the general appeal of Crayon Pop last time, and it all applies here just as well. The "children's play" angle is really played up here, especially in the full MV, an awesome tribute to sentai, monster movies, shoujo action and more. The choreography video, though, still wins out in my mind, cause even if the constant zooming in and out is nauseating in a weird way if you focus on it, and the CGI environment is kinda sketchy and at one point someone's hand clips through the wall on the right, the dancing itself is so professional and badass that it's viscerally addictive as anything. It's this three way blend of like... self-aware silly/lame children's types moves (the "tank" formation is my favorite) that belies this insane combined effort of aggressive and cute... like the routine at the chorus is my favorite, it's starts with this badass sort of armswinging move, really "attack"-like, but then switches into this super feminine "prancing" sort of thing, framing the face and such, but then they attack you with that! Oh man, do you see? The shifting sort of appeal?

Uh or because this is a music post, listen for how it's reflected in the music itself, which has this same quality of interplay between aggressiveness and vulnerability, all facilitated through a feeling of playfulness that operates through that very interplay! Does that make sense? Like the whole feeling of shifting downplays the seriousness of either aspect, giving it this overall quality of fun and excitement, and from there's you can really embrace just how hype it can get. Like when they do the chorus at 3 minutes in? With the descant sorta line added in? That's genuinely super hype like I challenge you to defy that, it has nothing to do with the cuteness of the girls. If I can use this base of analogy YET AGAIN, it's like how the Nintendo-origins of Smash Bros stops mattering at a certain point of hype, but it still guarantees a base level of fun for you to engage with the hype developments in. Does that make sense? It's pretty sick man and even though I said that I have to acknowledge it's doubly sick when that same moment is accompanied by them all doing that amazing move I talked about earlier, staggered, starting in the middle, sheesh, geez, why is that so good? So mysterious... The only flaw in this video is that they aren't wearing hats... I thought that was like, their thing...?

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