Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Live Review: Lil B – Task Force

So what’s this one about?

Well, the latest addition to the Based Empire is the Lil B Task Force, which is dedicated to Protecting Lil B At All Costs. Very few can join the Task Force. Do you have what it takes? Let’s check out this mixtape and find out.

1 – Stick
I watched the music video for this a whole lot of times. This beat is just insanely banging, the whole song is really pretty brutal. The sorta stop-start flow is crazy sinister too and the way he goes wild into the hook is pretty crazy. “I’m like Superman/Lift her up, do the dance”. Repping the task force pretty hard. Likes big girls, skinny girls, fat girls. Good repetition flow. Shouts of “Stick!” are hype too. “I want dough/I’m Homer” is a god tier line, probably the highlight of the song. Sounds like he has like five echoes going on at the end here that’s based. I can’t get over this beat, though, it’s like trucks are raining on you. *

2 – Task Force
This beat is really sinister too. Lil B was pretty dark and mysterious in the video too. His flow here is frantic. Shoutouts to bitch mob, this is a real song for his true fans. “Playin Nintendo cause life’s a game”, “Finna hit up KFC, means killing fuckers consistently”, “Lil B that’s befriended me”, wow lots of good lines here. This song is straight flow. “You have completed the first stage of Task Force.” wooo. He lays down the laws of being in the Task Force here. You gotta be one of the commentators. Only the top of the line of Bitch Mob. I don’t know if I’m ready. S

3 – Dig Deep
Woah six minutes long? This is intense. This beat is out of this world man. How do I even begin to describe this production? “Dig deep dig deep dig deep dig deep” hook is crazy. Every component is insane and combined the whole song has this really bizarre aesthetic. This is classic Based God boasting. “I look like Wayne Gretzky.” British accent wow. Based motivation talks. CNBFTBGB. Really great shouting, some really crazy voices there. This might be adding up to his highest bitch count ever. “Twenty six bitches and they call me Hulk Hogan”/”Hundred grand show and I still dress homeless”. This outro is bananas too. Really laying down the law here, keeping it positive, respecting women. Talking to his soldiers, Task Force is pretty intense man I don’t know if I could keep up with the Based Training Regiment. And the beat is getting even crazier at the end, I would not have thought that was possible. S+

4 – Thuggin Till Death
This is a very smooth beat, yes. I like that sample, where is that from? It’s probably Lil B. “When this rappin stop I’ll have something to fall back on” woah woah, this rappin better never actually stop. Talking about his fanmail, blowing up in 2015. This is some very realistic and practical money talk. Hanging out with DeNiro, I don’t know if he actually did that but okay. “All types of dreams/What if I make it?/My rapping scheme?” Lil B is a dreamer just like all of us. I can’t wait until he makes it. Actually I figured he had already sort of made it. I dunno. “I explain the whole truth no fakin’ it”/”This ain’t over the counter/or under the table”, this is real positive motivation music TYBG. Thuggin’ till the end, yes, I hope he does. A+

5 – Spontaneous Combustion
Pretty gazey stuff this is the next form of trillwave. “Y’all look up to me, like computer time”, I don’t even know what that means. “I never change like whether/I’m cold like weather” haha excellent. “Came back from the dead”, this is about as boasting as boasting can get. Flow pretty intense and relentless, I can hardly keep up. Jay-Z style “I was doing this while you did that” sorta stuff, I like it. Lil B really combusting on this flow indeed. “Change your whole life from nothing to something/That’s the end of discussion/When I rap spontaneous combustion” that is pretty huge. Love the base on this outro. S

6 – Fuck Me
Oh man when they shout Galaxy! I get so hyped and they’re doing it a lot here. This intro is really intense, Lil B really wants to say something. This is rugged and raw, straight animal rap. This flow man is indescribable, it is like falling down but he’s getting more and more sinister. Ken Griffey/Oprah Winfrey, amazing. I LOOK GREAT, Lil B look like a scholar. Task Force getting some hardcore repping. Call me Martha Stewart, posted in that trap house. Wow. Albany! “Task Force” repetition is crazy intense, this whole song is straight evil. Now “Bitch Mob” repetition, repping the whole kingdom. He’s heavy thugging and I believe it. It occurs to me now that structurally these songs are probably more similar to some IOSYS songs than they are to uh any other rapper’s songs. I don’t know what I should do with this piece of knowledge. S

7 – I’m the Police
I don’t understand what’s happening on this beat at all but okay. This is nice and dark and smooth. “Task Force protect me up in the streets”. This is really a story about him being the police. This hook makes this very clear. This is a good concept for a song. Really cool flow even if this story doesn’t actually make any causal sense to me. I love the siren-esque sounds over the hook and those drums too. Nice outro. This one was pretty short. Oh well. A

8 – Sand
Oh man what is actually happening here I have no idea, this beat is just mind destroying. Seems like there’s some sort of scheme of the Task Force receiving sexual favors. This beat is still just bananas, that laser type sound is crazy infectious. He abandoned this story of him being at a party really quickly. “I’m in a whip on TV screens.”, hilarious. Why is this song called Sand I have heard nothing about Sand. “I don’t even care though/I’m strapped like velcro”, great, this whole verse is hilarious and that flow is unreal. Seriously this beat though, those drums, that laser sorta sound, wow, who came up with that? It’s amazing, seriously, amazing. I’m glad he let it have a nice riding out outro. S

9 – Like a Gun
Shake it like a gun? I don’t even understand what that means. This beat is really great, very noisy. I love the lack of connection between Lil B’s syncopation and the syncopation of the beat. It simultaneously seems to work and not work. Good gun sounds, good whooping. Lil B is almost approaching a patois on the hook, that is a fascinating idea. “Throwing up shots like we on the Lakers”, ”Girl I gotta couple of them felonies”, lots of good lines here. “Shake that ass, it’s a misdemeanor.” that might be my favorite. This beat so noisy though I can’t even process what is happening in it. Like fifty types of noise by my count. A

10 – Total Recall
Woah this intro... wow... this is. No! Lil B is dying! But Lil B music will live forever! This beat is legendary, like the hall before the final boss in a classic JRPG. “This Black Ops/And I play on difficult”, “I’m a thug/I’m a nun”. He reps so many things. We gotta protect Lil B, he looks like a cowboy. He looks like a doctor’s patient. This number of echoes stacked is straight up hypnotic. “You know I power up/I’m powered up like Akuma/I look like Keke” wow, that’s intense, I love references to his cat and Street Fighter. “Oprah Winfrey want me”, “I feel like I’m a coal miner in Chile/I feel like I’m a doctor in Africa”. Final address to a soldier. “Let my pink bandana stay on my head!” This is legendary. One of a kind Task Force. I love how this beat is changing at the end here. “Take the pink bandana off my head/I’m ready to go with honor.” “Let me go to sleep in peace”, and then back in with how strapped he is, great juxtaposition. I like when he does the vocal switchup as he does now. That was moving wow. How many rappers can rap about their death like that? *

11 – Task Force Platoon 6
This beat is fantastic, that is the long and short of it. “Task Force reporting in, and never checking out.” “When I rep Task Force I got God by me”. “I see dark when I walk cause night’s my feet”, wow all of these lines are absolutely legendary. This is truly a based ascension to the next based level. “Excuse me sir, I’m coming in to protect Lil B!”, this is a great look into the life of a member of Task Force. This flow is pretty solid, I like the drums kicking in here. This “what you rep? I rep the task force.” hook is great. Repping Task Force for 15 years? “Whenever I see other Task Force members, other Bitch Mob members, I help them out.” “Salute to the Bitch Mob and Salute to the Task Force!” This is great positive music. Great meandering flow. Wow the intensification of the beat at the end wow wow wow. And that heaviness coming in wow like what? Like wow. *

12 – Myself
Tropical sounding beat. “Only got one life. Where would I be without myself? Either dead or in jail.” That’s deep. “If you only knew, my last dollar, I’d give it to you.” This is commentary on selflessness and egotism akin to Dostoyevsky’s last onion. “I’m recording from the hood like the government should/But they don’t come around/Except probation”, this is a whole can of worms. I swear the gun reloading noise from the hook is from Goldeneye. This hook is fantastic btw. “My bread like wonder”, haha. Really positive storytelling here. What is the difference between this and a Blueprint 3 era Jay-Z song? Real question. Task Force Motivation. S-

13 – Hell on Earth
Holy cow this beat. Wow. Bruv... did you steal this from... some big upcoming movie’s most exciting scene? Speaking to God, holding him accountable for the evils on earth. Chilling story of a man ignored while drowning. Talking about his mom, pretty touching. This is straight motivation music, I am motivated. Yesssssss. This is all about surviving that hell on earth. “My soul on my sleeve, my arms are the bridge/You oughta give me awards for how I’m helping these kids”, they really ought to. “Let my soul diary be the fire that inspire me”, beautiful. Those handclaps my goodness, those cheers. This is sorta like his song “Three Stacks”, which is also fantastic. “Bitch Mob Task Force, we’re here to help the world.” “Protect all the people around your community.” The smooth transition to this positive music from the really thugged out beginning of the tape is just... sublime. S+

14 – I Got Beef
Great soulful beat. Should look up the origin of that sample. “If you a gangsta, then be a gangsta. If you a nerd, then be a gangsta. If you a gangsta, then be a nerd.”, that’s deep. “Feel like NFL, I had to drop the replay”. “I’m living in the jungle, one move and you out of sight”. “I’ma protect Lil B, because Task Force real.”. Echo spam intoxicating. Everyone is a gangsta in Lil B’s book, that’s inspiring. “These streets like soccer/Cause everybody watching”, that’s deep. “You need an army, just to deal with me”, that’s powerful. A

15 – Reporting for Duty
Another spacey sorta beat, more gun sounds I swear are from Goldeneye. I like the piano sound way down in the low register. “I still got beef/I still can’t sleep!”, that’s intense. Great vocal mixups. “I’m jogging first place!”. Wow this beat is getting really amazing, like, I’m almost just stunned by the eeriness of that one sound, you’ll know the one. “Protect Lil B! I’m here to save all y’all!”, and that crazy space whistle sound, intense. This one shoulda been longer. S

16 – Gran Dad Lil B
Aaaaaaahahhahahahaha this beat is superb. I gotta hear that again. Some of these noises sound like uhh almost something like Tim and Eric’d do, and the other half is straight Lex Luger gangster. This flow is really heavy thugging. “Bitch suck my dick cause I look like Homer/I don’t give a fuck yeah I’m home alone” and then that kid from Home Alone I’m too lazy too look up the spelling. “Lil B my big brother/Lil B my gran dad”, that’s amazing. Lots of basketball players on the Task Force. “Task Force bout whatever”, oh okay. This beat is just unbelievably solid though like Lil B has a Zun-like natural gift for beats I swear. A+

17 – Choclate Girl
Is this a cover of that AnCo song? Nah that’s Chocolate Girl. What Lil B needs is a Choclate Girl, a For Rela Girl, a Wild Girl, a Loud Girl, a Quiet Girl, a Uptown Girl, a Sharp Girl, a Wise Girl. Okay tired of doing that. Lol is the whole song gonna be him naming girls that he needs? That’s fantastic. This beat is fantastic but that almost goes without saying I think. Lots of good spacey noises. Oh man he might wife a girl, that’s pretty intense. I hope he finds this girl fo rela. Is Lil B ever gonna get married? I like the voice that says “Certified hit!” a lot too. Wow the nasalness at the end that’s fantastic. A+

18 – Ryan Seacrest
Another great entry in the celebrity named series. Strange choice. New cooking dance being attempted, the music video for this one is fantastic. Oh man I like him saying “Fo rela” a bunch, I liked it even more in that song “Dopehouse”. Here it’s like we’ve gone full circle to the thuggingness of the early tracks but now the production has that space influence of later songs. “Young Based God on the field playing rugby/College sports Based God/Ima need some bitches/I got an injury/But I’m still startin/I got drafted for a hundred million/I’m fucking Based God” that is hilarious, the offbeat vocal shouts are even better. I can’t even like remember who Ryan Seacrest is to be honest but it doesn’t really matter. Fo rela. He’s gonna hit that cooking dance. “Girl wanna chirp me/She says she play volleyball/I serve every day bitch/You got some damn nerve”, hahahahahaha. “White House connection/Task Force protection”, amazing. “I’m American Idol/One billion views on the internet”, I wonder if that’s true. The shouts in this song are fantastic in general. SWAG IN 3D! BASED GOD IN 3D! This outro is just TOO INTENSE, bru. **

19 – No Tolerance
Woah this beat is the next level of the next level. Looking like Betty Crocker. This beat is like distractingly good I can hardly hear what he’s saying over how creative and next level it is. I gotta look up who produced this this is fantastic. “Young gift to the world wrote a book at last”, yeah I gotta read his book at some point soon. “My mind on the money, yeah, but I’m havin fun”, “Put the metal to his face like dinner plate”, hahaha. Wow and they weren’t even content with that beat they gotta mix it up some, VERY IMPRESSIVE. Great finale to a pretty great mixtape. And wow that bass, that rumble. Nice. *

Okay that’s it

I enjoyed this album greatly as I have all his previous albums. This one had some pretty wild extremes but I don’t know if it ever got as soulful as Gods Father. Good stuff yeah.


Anonymous said...

nice review. i agree, this album is great. thank you based god :-)

Ed Howard said...

Yeah this album's great. One of my favorite noisy Lil B albums. He's put out so many fantastic mixtapes this year that this is probably only in the middle of his output for the year, but that's saying more about the overall high quality of what he's been up to lately than it is about this particular tape's quality.

When they shout "galaxy" and "certified hit" those are the DJ tags that tell you who made the beat - Galaxy Beats or Certified Hitz in these cases. At the beginning of "Fuck Me," Lil B is complaining that there are too many tags, which is pretty freakin' hilarious.