Tuesday, April 29, 2014

300 posts

This is the 300th post on the blog

Wow! The first post was made on 25 January, 2008. That's 2286 days ago. That means on average I made a post once every 7.62 days. That... isn't too bad, I guess. But I still want to make many many more blog posts. Hopefully you can look forward to that over the summer.

Originally I wanted to have a review of every post on the blog so far but that was way too stupid and tedious. Then I was gonna do a "top 10 posts" of the blog but that seems silly too. Instead here are some random facts about the blog.

The blog has been viewed 36,954 times

That's an average of 123.18 views per post. That actually seems pretty okay but there are better blogs very similar to mine where each post receives way more than 36,954 views.

The most popular post was my top 15 Das Racist songs

I think it was good because I got the post in before they "blew up", people like lists, very easily googleable, etc. Another Das Racist post was in second place. Album reviews were also pretty popular. I'm gonna keep trying to do those.

The most popular country to visit was America, most popular browser was Chrome, most popular OS was Windows

Nothing surprising there. lol 54 people visited via Bing Preview. lol.

I'm kinda running out of things to say tbh

Felt like I had to do something for post #300 but maybe I didn't actually. Well, whatever.

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