Friday, September 26, 2014

Live Review - Thom Yorke - Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

What is this? What is happening? Oh my god, what is going on?

I don't know! I have no idea! Is Thom Yorke Death Grips? Is he Beyonce??

Download it here!!

I bought it and you can too!! Only 6 bux!! Plus it might actually be hard to pirate!! DRM or something??


Let's listen to it!

Yeah, of course!!

Thom Yorke - Tomorrow's Modern Boxes
Live Review

1. A Brain In A Bottle
Ooh... scifi spooky. Interesting... I like the panning effect. And now beats, yes, I like this sort of beats. Nice and crisp... And of course the Thom Yorke vocals, like a glass waterfall. Ahh yes, and that blooming echo effect... Wuhwuhwohwohwohwuh... Ooh that little descending melody at 2:00 was NICE. "I think I'm gonna go to pieces now"... so many cool vocal effects happening at once. This feels so low and grimy but also really soaring. Stutter-pan like, such easy tricks but they're so good. Man... there's something happening here. Already I feel like there's a big idea coming. Woah the rhythms near the end here, the way they're getting a little more jittery and complex... This is sick. lmao. Too good. **

2. Guess Again!
What a silly title lol. WWwwwow. I love that piano sound. So much. When it came in I was stunned. omg. this piano sound. I CAN"T GET OVER IT. and this jumpy little beat. TOO GOOD. "Wild dogs are howling behind the curtains", damn WHATDOESITMEAN. okay yeah this is too cool. like, there's this sense of perpetualness OOH BUT AT 1:50, THAT SWITCHUP, that very minor switchup... like... I think this sort of... omg at 2:20 when...... GUESS AGAIN. omggggggg. am I going insane just because of how hype this release was or is this really really really good? probably a bit of both. i cannot get over that piano tone. omg and then just an actual tone. this atmosphere is so encompassing. there's like... no thoughts i can have external to how this is making me feel. holy geez. ***

3. Interference
This is some BoC stuff right here man. That is a BoC sound if I've ever heard one. "We stare into each other's eyes, like [something], like [something], the ground could open up and swallow us, in an instant, in an instant." "But I don't have a right to interfere"... damn. this sound like something very warm very deep in space. i don't think anything i say in this entire review will make any sense. ahhhhhhh, at 1:30, the buildup and the vocals... that's like, that's too much, that's like a mean joke, that's just like, omg. >D< what a precious song. what a fragile and precious and miraculous song. **

4. The Mother Lode
piano chords cool what is happening idk. "Another clown jumps off the ladder"? this one is gonna be pretty huge i think, given the way it's building. this churning hypnotic rhythm with that heavy comforting thud... and now that thud has become a beat and the piano returns as a comforting bass element... everything seems to be pulsing and then you have "defiant" elements like his voice. ooh the echoing vocals are nice. lol he's doing so many like, scat-y things on this album, so many lalalalas and dodododos and stuff. it's so cute :). thommy thom sounds like he's having a lot of fun with this one and so am I :). little sorta breakdown here at 3ish... second half of the song kinda gets a fresh start, that's cool. ooooh at 3:20 they have a much statickier piano sound, that's such a cool sorta contrast. These stuttering disparate looping elements, bringing them together to make a cohesive product... this is so cool. mannnnn... hitting the ground running... this is nuts. his vocals just going all out now. very nice. **

5. Truth Ray
these titles are so weird lol. it reminds me of this one daniel clowes book. but whatever. this is pretty crazy so far. these hugely swelling synths and the tottering little drum beat. no idea where something like this could go. wow the sound of his voice makes me so happy lol. A lot of like... repeating a line twice in a row on this album. what does it meeeean. "Oh my god, oh my god", exactly. Oh my god the way his voice and the chords shift somewhat together but not quite is soooo enthralling. this feels like watching really beautiful fish swim around lmao what am i talking about. omg, omg. omg, omg. this is so... calm... but there's still this tension... oh SNAP at 4:10, these little chimes... how do you get an idea like that? "And all of this is in my head", I think he's saying... ahhh... dannnnng. **

6. There Is No Ice (For My Drink)
lol what is this title. tommyboy what are u doing. and this fun little hoppy beat. and this weird backwardsy sample coming in. what manner of jokes are these??? where is this going? is the whole 7 minutes going to run on this sort of inertia? it feels like it's getting more energetic and active... but to what end? ahh the effect around 2:00 is really cool, i love that effect. and this strange backwards sounding sound coming in again... omg i think it might be saying "there is no ice for my drink"... 4 syllables, and then 3 syllables. it's hard to hear what stuff sounds like backwards though. Hmmm I think this whole track just will be this sort of... haha okay at 4:20 there's another pretty cool thing. really ice-pick sorta sound. This is interesting but idk I think I need some sort of progressing element like a vocal melody or whatever. wow i really like this piano outro though. that's pretty sweet... beautiful light music seen through a distant haze. *

7. Pink Section
Cool transition... these windy noises... wind as in clock and wind as in breeze, both... this is pretty cool. And the piano, distorted and distant... will the whole track OOOH they have a tape distortion effect on the piano that's like one of my very favorites. So much decay everywhere... sounds like the disintegration loops not really. i love the truncation on the vocal track, the way it swells and stops, doomsday argument singing lmao. and wow those loud heavy low chords, the way everything is getting more sudden and loud, this is awesome. wow sweet i really like this one. **

8. Nose Grows Some
And another beat coming in on this thing... it sounds so wild and unrestrained, and this simple but precise and perfect beat offsetting it... this feels good, this feels right. I hope he sings more. now all traces from the previous tracks are gone. ahhhhhhh, yes, that beautiful cloudy thom yorke voice. it's like you hear it before you hear it. umm... it just occurs in your mind, it doesn't come in through the ears. none of this makes sense and that's okay because this album doesn't make sense to begin with. i have noooooooo idea what he's saying lmao. ooh, these sorta "bent" organy things... that little hit of abrasiveness. at like 2:45... the way they go a little off. "If I'm blowing myself away"... and now at like 4:15 they return to these bent chords but they move further and feel more resolved... that's cool. very nice. many cool sounds. very nice singing. **

A 38 minute long and vivid dream??

Did that just happen? I was still getting used to the idea of a new Aphex Twin album.

I think I liked that a whole lot but it will be a while before I'll be able to think in a way that makes sense to anyone, even me.

Check it out, this might be the future or something, I dunno what's going on.

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