Friday, September 26, 2014

Song of the Day #73 - world's end girlfriend - Snow in Summer ~ The Dark Colossus Destroys All

Blog in Autumn ~ The Unproductivity Destroys All

This is from a really awesome compilation album where they got various Japanese "neo-classical" "glitch-whatever" types to remix the soundtrack for NieR. I've never played NieR, and I dunno, it's been a while since I really had the urge to play a JRPG, but I think if I was going to, it'd be pretty high on the list. Mainly just for this soundtrack, or at least, this remix album. There's a lot of artists I really like on here, including perennial genius Sasakure.UK, Go-qualia doing what I think might be their finest track ever, and matryoshka, who might be my absolute favorite musical artists atm. My favorite track has to be this one, though. weg is probably the most popular artist working in this aesthetic/genre, and he defines the extreme ends of it - both the weirdest sample-based nonsense and the played-straight "epic" orchestral arrangements. Here, he's given free reign to just go completely nuts for eight and a half minutes. There's so much stuff going here I love... the sound of pages turning, the children's choir, the fact that he withholds all glitchy elements for 2 minutes but then goes immediately ham with them, the haunting vocal effects at like 4:30, and then, oh man, the part at like 5:10, that huge transition... what an amazing effect... and then the final 3 minutes end up being probably in my top 5 for "songs that I wish had an ITG stepchart". It has this sense of everything seeming like the ultimate climax, and then something even more powerful and destructive pops in. It's like in an RPG when the final boss has like fifteen forms and you actually believe that each one is the last. Which I guess is probably the exact thing that the original song for this soundtracks. Hmmm...

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