Monday, September 22, 2014

Song of the Day #71 - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round

Hold onnnnnnn, I'm caaaaaaaalling...

I heard this song like 4 years ago or whatever, when the album first came out... I was kinda into Ariel Pink, I thought he was interesting and such, but it was never the sort of music I got super into. So I didn't listen to it a lot after that, even after it started "blowing up" and getting great reviews and stuff. I just thought "that's neat" and continued blasting Das Racist on repeat, which is I think all I did in 2010-11.

Anyways, recently P4k came out with their best of the decade so far lists. Overall I think they're pretty solid lists, very happy with the amount of Young Thug content. This song got 2nd (to grimey grimes, which is whatever) so I figured I'd listen to it again. It was strange... when I first read the list, or rather, quickly skimmed through it, I tried to remember what it sounded like, and just had like... a very vague sense. I mainly just thought of the instrumentation, I could remember the guitar sound.

But then when I listened to it again, it all came flooding back, I remembered it instantly. Not as a song I had heard a couple times just a few years ago, though... it felt like a song that I had heard dozens and dozens of times, a very long time ago. I actually believed that I had heard it on dadrock type radio stations, the sort of thing that's always playing in our garage and cottage. And I realized that I had, just like I have for hundreds of staples of those stations, I've had a very low level memory of this song continuously in my head. But, unlike all those other songs, I just never heard this one. There's a feeling of nostalgia and release that comes when I hear a radio dadrock type song that they don't play very often, and this was that taken to the extremes. It was like a ghostsong, an idea of a song that I had and misattributed and almost forgotten. Idk. Hard to put into words. It's a really fantastic song, at any rate.

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