Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Song of the Day #72 - T.I. and Young Thug - I Need War

Has T.I. been rapping like this the whole time?

Idk though, I think it was Young Thug that put some youth in him. Look at how happy he is on the "Ain't About the Money" video... I think this new Atlanta scene and aesthetic has really revitalized him. It's awesome cause this sort of "song goal" also completely supports going all the way in whenever you want, which T.I. definitely does this. He spits an insane verse for the first minute, and then Young Thug does Young Thug stuff for two minutes. I think I like when it's more split up better, but those are basically the ingredients I need. I love the horns on this one... I think I mentioned this on a Song of the Day a bit ago, but I really like "blatant" horns, I should try to make a compilation of all of them.

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